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TEAM 54 PROJECT is a Non-Profit Organization, that coordinates an initiative called "54 CLIMATE CHANGE GLOBAL QUESTS", which raises awareness about the impact of climate change on the environment, and the health of people. This we achieve through the support of our passionate members from 169 nations. Collectively, we create climate actions (SDG 13). Originally, the idea started as an African project, but after a few months, our founder and concerned members suggested that it be extended to vulnerable nations especially those in Asia, Carribean and Small Island Developing Nations. TEAM 54 PROJECT was conceived in 2016 by the group's Founder - Dr Gbujie Daniel and was able to get an international appeal with the help of the groups 50,000 members.

Mission & Vision

Our mission

TEAM 54 PROJECT is a not-for-profit group that promotes climate change awareness, builds public commitment and triggers climate action at all levels. This is to facilitate effective protection, conservation, sustainable development and use of the Earth's natural resources for the good of the present generations and future generations. All of which are achieved by harnessing the dedication and commitment of Board, Staff, members and the global network of volunteers to deliver on our green empowering scheme, climate enlightenment initiative, and climate participatory actions in order to help vulnerable target groups across the world like pregnant women, children, people with disabilities and elderly who are often disproportionately affected.

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Our vision

TEAM 54 PROJECT, has a vision of making the Earth green again by mobilizing at the network of global citizens to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and the need to take urgent global climate actions especially in vulnerable regions in Africa, Pacific, Asia and other parts of the world. This is accomplished through the coordination of the All-INCLUSIVE concept instituted by the organization and mainly founded on talents, skills, and passion to see that sustainable environmental future is established.

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